History of the Company

TERMINATOR SARL is a society specialized in all kind of pest control : cockroaches, mice, rats, shrews, mosquitoes, termites, bees, wasps, snakes, …

Our company treat personal houses as such as offices like :

  • Mines ;
  • Groceries ;
  • Restaurants and Hotels ;
  • Companies ;
  • Administrations ;
  • International Institutions ;

Created in 2010 at Ouagadougou by Mrs Sandra BORGHETTI and Mr François ROUSSET, this family business offers you a wise competence in control and non-proliferation of any pest.

Sandra BORGHETTI, who has lived in the Caribbean, in Europa, in Asia, has finally decided to come to Africa. Rich in travels and experiences, Sandra provides leadership in the company as the director general.

François ROUSSET is an agricultural ingenior and an entomologist (international specialist in insects studies). His experience of over thirty years in Africa in agriculture and phytosanitary make him a passionate and highly qualified specialist. The couple take in charge the coordination and after-sales service of the pest control treatments.

TERMINATOR SARL set in place a strict pest control to limit de negative effect these pest bring everyday. We are only using lastest generation professional products, non-toxic both for humans and pets.






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