They are many  Mosquitoes  in Burkina Faso, mostly in urbanized area. They make your life unconfortable due to their bite, vector of diseases like  MalariaZika  and  Dengue.

For your comfort and health, TERMINATOR proposes you different treatments very effective in pest control to limit their quantity:


The  IRS  is a treatment approved and recommanded by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a treatment to fight against  Malaria. Our experienced applicators come to your house or your office to pulverize some insecticide on the walls inside your place.

Moreover, this treatment is effective 1 month against  Flies  and 2 weeks against  Ants.

Length of treatment: 1 h

Treatment remanence: 3 mois

Other condition: The place must be free from the begining of the treatment until 30min after the end.



To decrease the  Mosquitoes  density in your garden and destroy the mosquitoes breeding sites,  TERMINATOR propose you the Outdoor Fogging. Our well formed  applicators come making this fogging. The aim is killing the flying insects from your garden. The first targets are  Aedes Aegypti, the mosquito vector of  Dengue  and  Zika, which do not allow you to enjoy your swimming pool peacefully, the Anopheles, vector of  Paludisme, and the  Culex, waiting with the  Anopheles  in dark and humid places for the night to come.

Length of treatment: 15 min

Treatment remanence: 24 h

Other condition: No people or animal to be present during the treatment.

To notice:

  • We suggest you this treatment before organizing a party in the outside;
  • For each  IRS, Terminator offer you a free Outdor Fogging



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