Rodents, like rats and mice, are many in Burkina Faso, mainly in the cities (10 rats/unhab). They can be found in humid places or in your false ceiling.

Rodents  damage many things, like electric wires, insulation, stock of food or different kinds of supplies. Moreover, they are vector in several diseases. Their excrema is a dangerous source of contamination. Rodents  are vectors of around 200 diseases, as the  Leptospirose  and  Fièvre de Lassa.

TERMINATOR brings solution to your Rodent  problem :



When the Terminator squad comes to treat your place, the applicators take a look around to find where the Rodents  go and what are the “roads” they take. They put bait in discreet and protective areas only the Rodents  will go to.

For 3 months, Terminator will come several times to replace the baits eated and throw the Rodent  corpses away.


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