Termites  are insects that can be found in 70% of the burkinabe territory. Several colonies can live in the same place, several meters underground. Termites  live by eating cellulose present in paper, cardboard or in the wood used for doors, pieces of furniture, frames, … Termites  can damage many things in your place.

TERMINATOR has formed his applicators to treat this pest :



TERMINATOR can install an termite barrier at the beginning of your house or office construction. It consists in putting a specific treatment in the basis. The treatment is not toxic for the environment and guarantee you 10 peacefull years without any  Termites.



Termites  may appear in your house, office or garden. The Terminator squad comes to treat the touched area to kill the colony. As we can’t know how many colony are in your underground, the treatment is a 3 months forfeit during which you can call us back to treat again if a new colony appears.

Length of treatment: 30 min

Treatment remanence: Eradication of the living colonies.

Other condition: Tunnels must stay untouched.


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